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Media Relations

The media’s powerful voice can directly influence your current and potential customers, partners and investors.  And, because a journalist’s impartial endorsement of your product or business is so much more credible and cost-effective than a paid advertisement, it’s no wonder many are deluged with news releases every day. We understand how reporters work, what they’re looking for, and how to package up your story in a meaningful way that breaks through the clutter and gets noticed.

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Employee Communications

An organization’s workforce is its most important audience, yet many companies don’t communicate adequately with their employees, leaving them confused, anxious, and even disengaged.  An informed and motivated workforce can be a huge competitive advantage.  It’s in your best interest to ensure your people understand your business goals and their individual roles in achieving them.  In good times, and especially in difficult times, forthright and timely communication will go a long way to fostering a healthy corporate culture and the commitment of your most important ambassadors.

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Writing Services

Your written communications should be as professional and compelling as your business offerings, but for most organizations, writing isn’t what they do best.  Often there’s no-one dedicated to important stake holder  touch points such as customer newsletters, web copy, company fact sheets, and the like.  Our published writers and editors can help you define your audiences, refine your messages and ensure your written communications get results.

Services include:


Crisis Communications

How would you cope if a crisis struck your organization? What if media were camped outside your building, questioning employees and customers?  What if public confidence in your products suddenly sank so low you might never recover?  We’ve all seen the damage a crisis can inflict.  And today, even for smaller businesses, there’s really no excuse for not having at least a rudimentary crisis communications plan in place.  The fact is, most crises can be avoided and often erupt after several warning signs.  But, if a crisis were to strike, what you do and what you say can make all the difference to your recovery.


Services include:

Plain Language Services

Wordiness and “corporate speak” are things of the past.  Today, business communications must be clear, concise and compelling.  With thousands of messages vying for attention every day – from flashing billboards and talking gas pumps, to corporate websites and email  –  people just don’t have the time or patience for lengthy preamble and puffery.  You need to get to the point, and fast.  We can help your organization save time and money by communicating more effectively with the written word.


Services include:

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